Preserving the stories of our past is vital to educating future generations and to commemorating those who have served. We have been working hard over the past year, travelling the length and breadth of the UK to visit veterans and record their stories. Some of these have been for books while others have simply been to record the history of events while we still have the opportunity. We have also been connecting with family members of veterans to help them to gain a better understanding of what their relatives went through and to piece their stories together. 


We welcome contributions from veterans and their families, not necessarily for publication, but to be preserved and distributed if appropriate and according to your wishes. We do this for the purposes of commemoration and education. However, where there is a project for publication we ensure that an equal share of profits from the books goes to those veterans who we write about, their families or charities of their choice.  


We would welcome anyone to get in touch with us if you have any stories, accounts or photographs. We would also welcome any opportunity to record veterans stories. Wherever feasible we can arrange house calls to conduct interviews and share stories. We are interested in hearing from veterans or their families about any of the following:


  • Veterans who would like to have their stories recorded

  • Written accounts, memoirs or diaries

  • Photographs of units and individuals

  • Service records, log books or any official documents

  • Maps and memorabilia


Please DO NOT send any original items, photographs or documents to us without first getting in touch. We can arrange to have any items photographed or copied so that the originals remain in your possession and are not lost. 


You can contact us by e-mail: