Airborne Museum Now Stocking "Arnhem on the Horizon"

The first book in our Airborne Memoirs Series, Arnhem on the Horizon, is now in stock in the Airborne Museum "Hartenstein" in Oosterbeek, Netherlands.

This wonderful building was a focal point for many of our veterans during the Battle of Arnhem and now holds a wonderful collection of artefacts and displays. Many of our readers will have been there already and will return, but it is a must for those of you have not.

Further details about the museum are available on

About Arnhem on the Horizon

In September 1944, almost 1,300 men piloted military gliders from England to the Netherlands as part of Operation Market Garden. Among them was Sgt Johnny Wetherall, a 19 year old Glider Pilot from Oxford. During the battle which ensued Johnny was wounded and captured, taking him on a journey across war torn Europe.

This true story follows his time training as a Glider Pilot, fighting in the Battle of Arnhem, lingering in prisoner of war camps and his eventual, unconventional journey home to England. It has been pieced together using letters and accounts from Johnny and fellow pilots from his Squadron, and is combined with an overview of wider events of the time to tell the real story of what these men went through.

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