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With so many books coming out each year you would be forgiven for thinking that we are all in competition with each other. Not so! We are all about promoting remembrance and fostering learning. That is why we are delighted to pass on the news that publishing label Historia House has just launched their new website and Facebook page.

Historia House was formed with the aim and sole purpose of sharing information and advancing the study of military history; be it through a short article, small booklet or a larger book or series. The label’s first publication is the booklet “A Piece of Coloured Ribbon” and is available from our website shop. It is highly recommended by all of us here at Baverstock and Pasley.

The man behind Historia House is Scott Revell. Scott is a published author and historian who has spent the last 22 years specialising in the German involvement in the Battle of Arnhem. He co-authored ‘Retake Arnhem Bridge’ (2010) and was the lead author on ‘Arnhem A Few Vital Hours’ (2013). Both publications are highly acclaimed and sought after. Scott lives in Brisbane Australia and is currently a Communications Officer (Major) in the Australian Defence Force. He has just reached 20 years’ service and has been fortunate enough to deploy on operations both domestically and internationally during this time.

While specialising in Operation Market Garden, Historia House has a number of exciting publications in the works, on a range of different subjects. We are very excited about it and wish all at Historia House the best of luck with their new venture.

Their website can be found by clicking here where you can sign up to their blog and read more about them and their Facebook page here. Be sure to give them a like!

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