Series Renamed to Airborne Memoirs

Baverstock and Pasley are pleased to announce the opening date for pre-orders of our second book “I just Wanted to Fly” and also a name change for the book series from “The Arnhem Chronicles” to “The Airborne Memoirs”. When we began this project we had two stories, both about veterans of the Battle of Arnhem. Since then we have travelled the length and breadth of the UK recording veterans’ accounts, which have formed our first series. While Arnhem was the subject that initially connected all of these men, their stories spanned far beyond, covering operations and service in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, Norway, Germany, Palestine and beyond. The subject of Arnhem evokes a considerable amount of emotion and fascination but we believe that our veterans’ actions in other theatres deserve equal recognition. As the series has evolved, we have had the privilege to be able to record veterans’ experiences in these areas, and now we are able to share them with you through the “Airborne Memoirs Series”.

A hardcover edition of the Airborne Memoirs Book II - I Just Wanted to Fly will be available for pre-order on from 28th August and pre-orders will close 11th September. Pre-ordering will be the only way to get a hardcover edition of the book. A paperback edition will be available for general release later in the year. Further details will be posted in advance on our website and facebook pages.

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