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We are pleased to announce some of our forthcoming titles as part of The Arnhem Chronicles Series. Each book details the life story of a veteran. What they all have in common is that they fought at Arnhem. What sets them apart is that they served in different units and lived very different lives. The Battle of Arnhem continued for nine days but its influence lasted a life time.

The second book in the series, I Just Wanted to Fly, will feature Bernard Osborn. Like Arnhem on the Horizon, this new book features the story of a Glider Pilot, but from a very different perspective. Bernard took part in Operation Tonga during D-Day and later would fight at Arnhem. Being one of the few who was not killed or taken prisoner, he found himself back in the UK training on Hadrian, Horsa and Hamilcar Gliders. After VE Day he stayed with the Regiment and served in Palestine.

Hardcover editions of I Just Wanted to Fly will be available for pre-orders in late May/early June 2015. This will be the only chance to get your hands on a Hardcover copy. A paperback edition will be released in late June.

Further books will be released throughout the summer telling the stories of men from many different units including the 10th Battalion Parachute Regiment, 1st Airlanding Light Regiment, 1st Battalion Border Regiment and 1st Airlanding Anti Tank Battery. Further details can be found on our Forthcoming Titles page here.

These unique and incredible stories are not to be missed.

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