About Us

Baverstock and Pasley was originally established to record and publish the stories of the people who served in World War II. We have since expanded our reach to discover stories from all eras of both military and social history. 


We do not operate like traditional publishers. We do not look at projects for their commercial viability, but rather the value that these projects bring to education and learning and preserving our rich heritage. Above all else, we work to commemorate those ordinary people who did extraordinary things during some of the most turbulent times in our past.


We always welcome new project proposals from veterans, their families, fellow authors or those who simply have a story to tell. Contact us to find out more. 

The Airborne Memoirs Series

The Airborne Memoirs is our first series of books. Each book tells the story of an individual veteran who took part in Airborn Operations during WWII. The series is currently focused on the stories of British Veterans. These include Paratroopers, Glider Pilots, Airlanding Infantry, Artillery and Medics. 


These fascinating, sometimes funny and often harrowing stories paint a picture of life in war torn Europe from the perspective of the average soldier. Once again - Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. Click here to find out more about the books.